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This entails collection of Spatial Data, Geodatabase Development, GIS Analysis, GIS Applications Development; Processing, Analysis and Interpretation of Remote Sensing Data. Additionally, we actively engage in GIS Systems set-up and implementation; including Training.

GIS Data Collection: This entails acquisition of Geographic data through various methods and sources including GPS, ground survey, satellite imagery etc.; Processing and conversion of the data from various formats to GIS compatible formats and Geographic Transformation and Projection to ensure that all data align properly and in a particular coordinate system.

GIS Database Development: This entails creation of a Geodatabase [Geographic Database] that is structured and loaded with data which has been assessed for relevance and suitability so as to support particular needs and Applications. Generally, the Geodatabase has Geographic datasets organized into a series of layers and tables which provide geographic representation of a particular theme.

GIS Analysis: This entails answering questions and solving problems by looking at geographic properties of spatial data in a way that is quickly understood and easily shared by applying a set of spatial operators. For Instance, Network Analysis and Routing that can show the quickest path or the most suitable location to build. etc.

GIS Application Development: This entails configuration of the GIS databases and Development of User Interfaces for Updating, Consuming and sharing spatial information products. For the user interface to reflect the standards, feel and look desired by users, a detailed requirement analysis will be carried out to guide the nature and capabilities of the applications that will be required.

GIS Systems Implementation: This entails analysis of business workflow, information requirements, current capability, and then recommend optimum GIS solution to improve the way of doing business or provision of services.

Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing:This refers to the acquisition of data from airborne and space borne platforms. Aerial photography uses aerial photographs taken from a flying aircraft and drones to produce planimetric maps of the earth's surface (area of interest) and of features of the built environment.

Our Services include:

  •  GIS Data Collection
  • GIS Database Development 
  • GIS Analysis
  • GIS Application Development
  • GIS Systems Implementation
  • Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing

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