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Services offered here are Urban and Regional Planning, with the focus being in the preparation of Regional and Local Spatial Plans, Action Area Plans, Subject/Sector Plans and Preparation of Subdivision Schemes in line with the existing laws and regulations.

Regional Spatial Plan: Land use activities, infrastructure and settlement growth plan across a larger area than a City/Town e.g. National and County Spatial Plans

Local Spatial Plan: Local Physical Development Plan Covering a City/Town.

Action Area Plan: Neighbourhood Plans which is a subset of Local Spatial Plan to ensure that development is undertaken in a sustainable and integrated manner.

Subject/Sector Plan: This is a Plan Defining goals, investments, and designs in particular thematic area e.g. Transportation, Environment etc.

Sub Division Scheme: This is a Neighbourhood plan showing subdivision of land for the purpose of development or Investment in line with existing regulations.

Our Services include:

  • Preparation of Regional Spatial Development Plans
  • Preparation of Local Physical Development Plans
  • Preparation of Action Area Plans
  • Preparation of Sector/Subject Plans
  • Preparation of Subdivision Schemes
  • Change of User, Extension of User & Extension of Leases
  • Preparation of Master/Strategic plans
  • Socio-Economic and Feasibility Studies
  • Projects Evaluation and Monitoring

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